Job search / application process

  1. Search for interesting jobs on our website

    Via our 'browse jobs' tool, look for jobs that interest you and apply by sending your résumé. If you want to submit a spontaneous application, go to 'Contact', and submit your CV using the form on the bottom of the page.

  2. Sit tight and wait for a call from us

    Once we received your résumé, you can expect a phone call from us during which we discuss your profile, interests, and career possibilities.

  3. Invitation for interview and tests

    After discussing your profile, we will invite you to our offices for language and IT tests and an in-depth job interview. Note that we tend to only schedule candidates for a meeting, if we are sure that we can offer them concrete job possibilities. Furthermore, we only send candidates to our clients after we have met them in person.

  4. Presentation of your candidature to the client

    If we see a possibility and only after your consent, we will propose your file to the client.
    During the procedure, we will give you timely feedback and follow-up every step of the way.

  5. If we can't present you to the client or your candidature has been rejected

    In such cases, we inform you about the inconvenience, and keep your file according to our Privacy Policy for further notice. Should there be a job opportunity, we will, after your consent, propose your candidature. Note that it is possible that we ask for a so-called 'update chat' or retake of some language or IT tests. This is mostly the case if you haven't been at our office for more than a year.

Matthieu Postiau

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Matthieu Postiau, team member

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