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Rainbow Resources Group has a Green Thumb

Laura discovered time4society that organises an event that best matches our values. So what will we do?

Time is our most precious and limited resource. With this in mind, Rainbow Resources Group decided to donate ten working days this year. Our team is convinced this is the best fit for our company.

Time4society is an organisation that coordinates teambuilding events and specialises in corporate social responsibility. The organisation promotes CSR by donating a workday to a non-profit organisation that really needs help. This can be via many kinds of projects; social, nature, culture, etc. We contacted time4society and decided to offer our time.

Embarking on this adventure we have many things to plan. Do we have boots? Will we need a toolbox? Can we lift heavy things? Do we have overalls? Where are we going?

Rainbow Resources Group will volunteer on a farm that offers therapeutic activities for children and adults with a disability. We will help with the cultivation of the farm and help reinforce its infrastructure. The team members are all eager to roll up their sleeves!

The farm is “De Kampenhoeve STER” and we support their initiative wholeheartedly! The “STER” stands for Stimulate, Therapy, Ezels (Donkeys) and Relax. When the children and adults arrive, they will be the STER* (*star) of the farm. The organisers want to help the children and adults disconnect, feel better and guide them through a relaxing experience in a calm environment. We invite you to check out their website.

We will head out on 27th April for our CSR teambuilding. Want to follow our progress? Keep an eye on our Instagram feed and read the next article about this brilliant initiative.

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Reducing paper waste: privileging e-mail and double-sided printing and working with partners who recycle our shredded documents
  • Recycling IT equipment, electronic devices, etc.
  • Promoting public transport

As individuals:

Our Managing Director contributes financially to a selected number of charitable organisations and is a Member of the Board of Directors of a "sheltered workshop" (atelier protégé beschutte werkplaats)

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