Our website must at all times be used within the limits of the rights and obligations clearly stated on the website and the rights and obligations laid down in the Disclaimer, in the Sales Conditions and in the Privacy Statement. All these texts together constitute our General Conditions.

These General Conditions apply for us, Rainbow Resources Group, as well as for you, the User. Once you make use of our website you expressly recognize and accept that our General Conditions are applicable and that any own General Conditions are thereby excluded.

In exceptional cases we may depart from the General Conditions, provided always that such departures are set down in writing and accepted by all Parties. These departures apply only as replacement of or supplement to the clauses to which they refer; they have no effect on the application of any other provisions in the General Conditions.

1. About us

The website rainbowgroup.be is an initiative of:

Rainbow Resources Group
Boulevard Brand Whitlocklaan 87/93, 1200 Brussels
e-mail: info@rainbowgroup.be
Telephone: 02 735 41 54

Just contact us if you have any further questions or comments; we promise you a quick answer!

2. Our website

2.1 Good working, safety and accessibility

You can be sure that we offer everyone a user-friendly website that is safe for every User. We therefore take every reasonable measure necessary to guarantee the good working, safety and accessibility of our website. However, we cannot offer you any absolute guarantees, so you will have to regard our measures as a commitment of means.

Use of the website is always at the User's own risk. This means that we bear no liability for any loss arising from technical failure, interruption or  malicious elements or defects on the website, regardless of the existence of an external cause or unforeseen circumstances ('force majeure').

We have the right to restrict and/or partially or totally interrupt access to our website at any time, without prior notice. In principle we will do this only if the circumstances require, but this is no absolute condition. 

2.2 Content on our website

The content on the website is mostly decided by us and we exercise the greatest care with that content. This means that we take the necessary measures to keep our website as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible, even when content is provided by third parties. The content on our website may be revised, supplemented or removed at any time.

However, we cannot give any guarantees for the quality of the information on our website. Information may sometimes be incomplete, not sufficiently accurate and/or of any use or interest. We are therefore not liable for any (direct and indirect) loss that the User may sustain as a consequence of the information on our website.

If any content on our website is found to be a violation of the currently applicable legislation and/or a violation of the rights of third parties and/or is considered simply unacceptable, please inform us as quickly as possible so that we may take appropriate measures. We can then proceed to partial or total removal and/or reworking of the content.

Our website contains content that can be downloaded. All downloads from our website are always own-risk. We are not liable for downloads, and any disadvantage due to loss or data or damage to the computer system falls completely and exclusively within the User's own responsibility.

Specifically for prices and other product information on the website there is a reserve in respect of obvious programming and typographical errors. The User cannot cite such errors to claim any arrangement with Rainbow Resources Group.

2.3 What we expect from you as User

The User also has a certain responsibility when using our website. The User must always refrain from operations that may have a damaging impact on the good functioning and security of the website. For instance, the website may not be used to by-pass our business model and/or for the large-scale collection of information from other Users.

It is therefore not permitted to use our website to distribute content that may cause loss or damage to other Users of the website, such as sending harmful programming, e.g., computer viruses, malware, worms, trojans and cancelbots. This prohibition also extends to the sending of unsolicited and/or commercial messages, e.g., junk mail, spamming and chain letters.

We reserve the right to take all necessary action with a view to obtaining redress for ourselves and for our Users, both through legal proceedings and out of court. The User bears sole complete personal liability if his/her use and behaviour causes actual loss or damage to the website and the other Users. In that case the User must indemnify Rainbow Resources Group against any claim for loss or damage that may thus arise.

3. Links to other websites

The content of our website may contain a link, hyperlink or framed link to other websites or other forms of electronic portals. Such a link does not automatically mean that there is any connection between us and the other website, nor that we (implicitly) agree with the content of these websites. 
We do not control these other websites and are not responsible for the safe and correct working of the link and the final destination. Once you click on the link you leave our website and we may no longer be held liable for any resultant loss or damage.
Other websites may not offer the same guarantees as we do. We therefore advise you to first carefully read through the General Conditions and the Privacy Statement of these websites.

4. Intellectual property

Creativity deserves protection, and so does our website and its content. This protection is provided by intellectual property rights and belongs to all legally entitled Parties, i.e., Rainbow Resources Group and third parties. The term 'content' is here taken to apply to the very extensive category of photos, video, audio, text, ideas, notes, drawings, articles, et cetera. All this content is protected by copyright, software law, database law, drawings and models law and other applicable (intellectual) property rights. The technical character of our website itself is protected by copyright, software law and database law. Each trade name that we use on our websites is likewise protected by the applicable trade name law or trademark law. 
Every User is given a limited right of access, use and reproduction of our website and its content. This accorded right is non-exclusive and non-transferable and may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. We therefore ask our Users not to use and/or make changes in any of these protected areas without prior permission from the legal holder. Rainbow Resources Group attaches great importance to its intellectual property rights and takes all possible measures to protect to guarantee their protection. Rainbow Resources Group will press for heaviest penalties in case of violation of its existing intellectual property rights.


5. Processing of personal data

The information that you provide is necessary for the processing and completion of orders and the drawing up of the accounts and guarantee contracts. A minimum of data is required for each order. Additional data may be requested according to the personalization of the order. In the absence of the minimum data the order will inevitably be cancelled. The Purchaser's personal data shall be processed exclusively in accordance with the Privacy Statement, which can be consulted via our website.

6. General provisions concerning the General Conditions.

We reserve the right to revise, extend, restrict or discontinue our website and the associated services at any time. This may happen without service of prior notice to the User and does not give entitlement to any form of compensation. 
These General Conditions (including the Sales Conditions) are exclusively governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, Belgian Law. All cases of dispute in connection with, or arising from, offers by Rainbow Resources Group, or agreements concluded with Rainbow Resources Group, shall be referred for settlement to the competent court serving the administrative district of Brussels. 
If the effect or validity of any one of the above provisions of these General Conditions is compromised, this shall have no effect as regards the effect or validity of any of the other provisions in this contract. In such cases we have the right to amend the provision in question so as to obtain a valid provision most nearly approximating the original intention of the invalid or non-enforceable provision.