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Molesse Van Vlasselaer
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How is your knowledge of Excel? Improve your Excel skills today in order to increase your chances at finding your next dream job! Let's get you started.

We have a lot of candidates who, when coming to our offices for interview and tests, ask to skip IT tests like Excel and PowerPoint. They often state that they never needed those in their previous jobs. However, for a lot of positions in administration, finance, HR or accountancy, knowledge of Excel is not optional but required. And the best part is, there are loads (but really loads) of easy ways to get your hands on free Excel courses. We advise our candidates to take the time to learn the basics of Excel, as it is an easy way to increase their chances at a new job. 

The obvious ones

Office 365 Training Center: Excel Help Center. Microsoft’s own learning portal is a source of information that is well organised in different training modules for each MS Office Tool. A gold mine for the not so Excel-savvy autodidact, who is looking for for basic guidesbooks, templates and quick start manuals that transpose complex information of expensive scolar books into easy-to-read pieces of information. It is the go-to for people who want to start with Excel, or wish to quickly brush up their Excel skills. It is a very clearly strucutured holistic learning tool.

YouTube. For those who prefer video tutorials, you can get a long way with YouTube. You will find tutorials of all lengths and all difficulty levels. These are some channels to start with:  Chandoo, Excellsfun, Mr.Excel en Excel Campus.

Google: free books in PDF. You can simply type into Google 'free Excel course .pdf'. You will notice that there are a bunch of free eBooks that explain the basics of Excel.


Actiris’ PC Skills portal. Another easy way to learn Excel is through Actiris' PC Skills Portal. On this platform, which its available in Dutch, French and English you can learn how to use the Office Management tools easily and for free. The only downside is that you have to live in the Brussels Capital Region and be registered as job seeker at Actiris in order to access the plaform.

VDAB's Online Excel Workshop. For those who live in Flanders and are registered as ‘looking for a job’, there is the online Excel Workshop from VDAB. It provides a multimodal course in which you can pick and choose those modules best suited to your interests and needs. If you want to learn the whole course, you have to count around 50 hours. 

LeForem's long distance Excel courses. And yes, LeForem as well offers free online Excel courses for people who are enrolled at their agency and live in the Walloon region. In order to complete the whole course you need to count 32 hours.

Which modules should I focus on?

It depends on the job you are looking for. For some jobs it is enough to be able to transform numbers into neat and well-ordered graphs, or to be able to interpret numbers, tables and graphs. But in HR departments and Finance departments, formulas become very important. Especially in Finance departments, your knowledge of Excel should be even more extensive, as you should be able to work with database analyses, pivot tables and even macro's in some cases.

And then there is time management to be thought of. This may be a very important point, as time is money in business. So you would do well to invest energy in learning the shortcuts and formulas within Excel. Using these, you will be saving a lot of time in the future. At Rainbow Resources Group, we always test Excel and we focus on time pressure by imposing strict time limits.

There are, indeed, a lot of free Excel courses at your fingertips that you can master in no time. Given the fact that today's market asks for professionals who know their way around MS Excel, and that it is very easy to have access to the information and to educate yourself, the only thing for you to take some time to do it. Yes that's right: just do it, and you will increase your chances to get your next job!

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