Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

We both have a lot in common: our scopes of clients and candidates, our methodology, our qualitative positioning in the market and last but not least, our ethic and values.

Together, we are looking forward with strong conviction to power your HR goals through a large scope of HR services.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

The benefit of a smile, hidden in S.M.I.L.E.

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“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do” – Mother Teresa

Indeed, we all know, see and feel the power of a smile. I wonder, then, why we don't see more smiles in the streets, in our offices or at events where there are many people. 

Imagine everyone with a smile; it's not that difficult. 

Anyway the benefits of a smile are multiple. We have bundled them together under a great acronym: S.M.I.L.E.

S : Strength. A smile gives you the strength to move on, to turn a page. It has the strength to be contagious. It has the strength to display confidence.

M : Meaningful. A genuine smile is reflected on your face and in your eyes. It shows appreciation, happiness, satisfaction or gratitude.

I: Inspiring. A smile inspires others to smile and to feel your positive vibes. It inspires others to repeat what was good or to continue the actions that initially triggered the smile.

L : Leadership. A smile sets an example to be followed, an essential character trait of a charismatic leader. 

E : Engaging. People with a smile display a personality which is engaging. They appear more attractive and satisfied.

There are so many reasons to smile more every day.

Yoko Ono (John Lennon’s widow) said: Smile in a mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start see a big difference in your life! 

Do you have a story to share, or do you know someone who always smiles and, therefore, makes a difference? Let us know on Facebook or LinkedIn!

Enjoy your day! 

Your Rainbow Team

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