Corporate recruiters: are you empowered?

Frank Vande Voorde
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Talking to a number of in-house or corporate recruiters, I have noticed marked differences in autonomy, competencies, tools used and control of the recruitment process.

As an in-house recruiter, you are responsible for attracting candidates and for ensuring the future of the organisation you are working for. Indeed, the people you hire now may well shape the future of your company. It is, therefore, important to be sure that you have access to all the necessary knowledge, that you are aware of available tools and that you are empowered to take decisions.

Let us review what you should know, and what you should be able to do, to be able to perform your job in the best possible conditions. 

You need, of course, the necessary competencies to perform your job. You have some sort of background in HR and have had exposure to different interview techniques.

You are aware of different personalities and their characteristics. Tests – of all kinds – can be useful. Are you familiar with them? Do you have the budget? Not only is it wise to be aware of the different personality profiles (DISC, etc.), but you should also know about the characteristics of the different generations (Boomer, X-gen, Y-gen, Z-gen). 

Do you have the budget and the resources to attract candidates? What about branding, the use of social media and contracting an external provider of recruitment services?

What are the different options? Which other tools could you use to help you in your job: an ATS for example (Applicant Tracking System)!

How will you control the process and what exactly is your role? If, for example, many people are involved in the process, who and how are notes compared? Is there a system?

Who will negotiate the salary and are you aware of all benefits, including flexibility and rewards?

You are, of course, well aware of everything you need to know to be an ambassador of the company. You can discuss its culture, financial situation, future plans and specifics about the products and/or services. If you are working in a large corporation, are you able to work with the existing bureaucracy and legal issues? 

To present the vacancy, you are aware of the job description, the required competencies and behaviour to be successful in the role.  You understand the “need to have” and the “nice to have”. Furthermore, you are able to describe the manager and members of the team. 

In order to be efficient in your function you need to know the market. This means understanding the available candidates and their requirements. 

It will be important to build a relationship with the candidates and master the art of “closing” a candidate.

We have not developed on all the competencies that a corporate recruiter needs (listening, networking…) or how to be proactive on the market in order to have a pipeline of candidates, as it would make this article much too long.

Maybe you have suggestions, remarks or some advice for colleagues. Why not share them in our community on our Facebook or LinkedIn page?

Enjoy your job!

Frank Vande Voorde

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