Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

We both have a lot in common: our scopes of clients and candidates, our methodology, our qualitative positioning in the market and last but not least, our ethic and values.

Together, we are looking forward with strong conviction to power your HR goals through a large scope of HR services.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

Your key to success: “self esteem”

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Self-esteem is the judgment of yourself but is also an attitude towards yourself.

Self-esteem is, according to psychologists, important because it mirrors the way we see ourselves and it gives sense to our personal values.

As such, it affects the way we are.

Good self-esteem will make it easier for you to achieve your goals, of which happiness could be one.

Increasing your self-esteem will, therefore, be of benefit to you.

Can you uplift your own self-esteem? Yes! It is not easy, but it is possible. And so rewarding…   

To help you, here is a resumé of the six pillars of self-esteem by Nathaniel Brander:

1.     Practise living conscientiously. Always know what you are doing and why.

2.     Improve what you can change and accept what you cannot

3.     Be self-responsible. Take care of yourself by exercising and eating healthily.

4.     Stay authentic, even under special circumstances (for example under pressure).

5.     Live purposefully. Have a goal: know where you are going and what you are aiming at

6.     Personal integrity. Know your limits? How would you like to be treated? Can one trust you?

It takes time and effort to develop the above practices, but it is really worthwhile to start the process and to develop your self-esteem step-by-step. Hopefully, you will reach your long-term goals!

"All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

                                                                                                            –  Walt Disney 

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