What about a salary increase?

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The year-end is approaching and as people prepare for their parties and holidays; businesses are planning for the next year.

Companies are also preparing to close the books and evaluate the past year. An important aspect of that process is the people evaluation and the estimation of actual and future costs. This includes bonuses and or salary increases.

Are you up for the discussion? Do you deserve a bonus? What about a salary increase? These are two different subjects, which need two different approaches. As one of these two reflects the past, whilst the other one the future. Both, however, deal with motivation and merit.

To be honest, it does not only depend on you. In Belgium for example there is a legal “salary freeze”, as there will be no “index” application in the beginning of the year. It also depends on the company policies and prior agreements such as the setting of objectives in the beginning of the year.

Did you do your job, or did you overachieve? Did the company reach its targets? What about your department? How transparent is the process in your organization and what has been communicated?

Regarding bonuses, it should be clear, through prior discussion, set objectives and the company’s situation. If things are not clear, you should ask.

The salary increase reflects your value with and for the company. Nonetheless, it is not because that you do not get a raise that your company does not wish to work with you anymore. Salary increases are more an exception than a rule.

Normally salary increases are granted based on growth in the job, promotion, increase of value of the organization, the scarcity of your profile on the market, etc.

If you feel you deserve an increase you should discuss this with your superior. Do prepare yourself with facts and intentions for the future.

Also be careful what you ask for. Do not ask for a raise to fast (in your first year) or for too much. Even if you think that you are irreplaceable, someone told me that the cemetery is full of irreplaceable employers. In my opinion the employers should spontaneously talk about it. This is the normal way, a way that motivates.

The word I often refer to in such conversations is “fairness”. If you think you are not fairly treated, then you should talk.

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