Keep going! Especially when it's tough!

Frank Vande Voorde
  • 2 Min read

You have not achieved your goals and you don't have the results you were hoping for. You lose your motivation. The team starts to have cohesion issues. What can you do? How should you react?

1)   Stop!

Take a deep breath. Have a day off. Clear your mind. Try to pump up your energy again.

If your mind-set is negative, focussed on everything that's going wrong, then you cannot succeed.

Time to recap, make an overview of the past and analyse the situation.

2)   Learn from what went wrong

Failure is not bad. It's a learning school. How can you do things differently?

“If you do what you have always done, you will get the results you always had.”

Change and adapt to the new world. Learn from the past and start again.

3)   Ask people what you can do differently, what they liked and what they saw coming, but perhaps did not dare to tell you or your team. 

4)   Not everything you or the team did is bad! It is equally important to acknowledge everything that was positive and that did help you to progress and to achieve some results.

5)   Analyse the market, your customers, the environment in which you work. Did you underestimate external factors? Did the situation change since the start of the project and did you take the changes into account?

6)   Set up a new plan. Start an action plan that quickly integrates what you have learned, observed or received as feedback.

7)   Go for quick wins and celebrate so that you get back your positive energy and are, once again, motivated to be able to achieve the goals this time. 

8)   But do not give up easily. Keep what was good, change what needs to be adapted and drop what is bad.

Keep going on. Perseverance is the essence of getting where you want to be.


We hope these few tips will help you when it's sometimes tough to achieve results or reach your goals.

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