Your first day back at the office

Frank Vande Voorde
  • 2 Min read

It does not have to be that hard!

Here you are, on your first day back in the office, after a fantastic holiday every single day of which you enjoyed. You can still feel the sun on your skin, the taste of that special meal and the bouquet of the local wine.

But now you are back, there are tons of e-mails, loads of messages and a pile of files on your desk.

How will you survive?! We know the feeling and would like to share some ideas with you to ease the transition and in order for you to quickly become efficient and happier again.

  • Maybe it is already too late, but try to plan your return from your holiday destination at least two days before your first day back at work. This way, you will have the time to get back into your personal routines.
  • On the first day, start out slowly and do not rush into work. Make the time for a good breakfast, just as you did during your holiday.
  • The first thing you should do when you are back at the office is talk to your colleagues. You have to catch up on what happened during your absence. Take the time to do this.
  • When handling your e-mails, start from the most recent ones and work backwards. The e-mails of two weeks ago may no longer require action.
  • Prioritise the things that you have to do - what should be handled immediately, what can wait, etc.
  • Do not postpone what you can do immediately!
  • To help your motivation, why not place your favourite holiday photo on your desktop? It will surely give you a fond memory and put a smile on your face.
  • Plan a relaxed lunch with nice colleagues to be able to talk about... whatever you want!
  • During your holiday, you probably had some great ideas related to work: remember to apply them. You do not have to revert to all your old professional routines.
  • When you come back home after your first day back at work, treat yourself to your favourite drink or meal that you enjoyed during your holidays. Finally, why don’t you plan your next holiday, so you have something to look forward to?

It is impossible to skip that first day but you can, after all, make it an interesting and happier day.

Welcome back to work!

 Frank Vande Voorde and your Rainbow Team

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