Passionate candidates : what are they like?

Frank Vande Voorde
  • 2 Min read
Some tips to better choose the candidate(s) with the right attitude

In today’s business world, passion seems to be the attitude everyone ‘must’ have. I wonder if it is used for its real meaning and how can we know someone has passion?

Can one give an explanation to a feeling or attitude? We should, otherwise the word would have no use in our language and thus no use for the person who hears it or is using it.

Some people use it as a synonym for enthusiasm, but it is not the same.

Passion is often defined as a strong inclination towards an activity that people like and in which they invest time.

Passion by philosophers can have two meanings. One that entails a loss of reason and control. The other one describes it as a positive ingredient in a high level of achievement.

As we are defining the word in a business context, I of course favour the latter.

Passion is for me a high level of energy, emotional and physical, the will to go the extra mile and the joy with which you like to do it.

The heart drives passion, not the mind or the ego.

How do we know someone has it?

In business there is an expression that says: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. The question is if you should or want to manage it. I believe that people have it or not, band you can’t enforce it. It can come with time if the person believes in what she/he is doing, likes it and gets engaged and motivated. At this moment you should nourish and stimulate the person’s passion. Clearly explain the boundaries but enable trust and empower the person to enjoy her/his passion.

When a customer asks us to look for people with passion, we can find enthusiastic people with maybe a passion for certain parts of the job they have performed in the past. We discover people with passion by their choice of words, their body language, the time spent at the activity, the result obtained and the desire to keep doing the activity.

For us there are more enthusiastic people than passionate people. We hope that their enthusiasm will convert to passion.

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