Give your books a new life

Laura Burchardt
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There is so much great literature … but it takes so much space once you read it !

Whether for learning or for pleasure, historical or Sci-Fi, from Shakespeare to J. K. Rowling, …  Who doesn’t love to read a good book?

And a select few of them we enjoy to read over and over again, but most of our books we read once put them away, leaving them to gather dust and take space in our cupboard. 

Let us give these publications a second life and at the same time help people who can use a little of our support in their daily life. It will cost us little money and not much time.

During the months of school holidays Rainbow Resources Group will be collecting books amongst family, friend, colleagues, candidates and clients. The purpose is to collect a large amount of used books and donate them to the Croix-Rouge/Rode Kruis.

We will collect books, CD’s and DVD’s in our offices and bring them all together to the NGO.

We will collect the books in our offices of Brussels and Mechelen

From June 20th till September 4th

You can just come to our offices and deposits the items between 10:00 am  – 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

At all hours you can leave them behind in our letterbox however for big deposits we ask that you make an appointment.

All books in good state are accepted, regardless of the subject or the language, however preferably in English, French or Dutch.

CD and DVD’s are also welcomed.

The Croix-Rouge /Het Rode Kruis will sell these books and use the money to finance projects close to our homes such as: to offer company to an isolated elderly person, support for those in hospital in need and many more projects.

It’s a small gesture on your part, however it can make a big difference for those on the receiving end.

We will keep you updated on our progress via social-media and we thank you already in the name of the people you will be making happy .You will offer them a little “Rainbow” and that is why we organize it.


Your Rainbow Team

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