There is more in life than being happy!

Frank Vande Voorde
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Some days ago, I was scrolling through the Internet and I stopped to watch a YouTube insert about a TED Talk. I thought it would be useful to share it with you, as it will probably influence your thinking about your quest for happiness as well.

There is more in life than being happy!

Recently, I was browsing through the Internet and I stopped to watch a TED talk video.

The speaker, a lady called Emili Esfahani Smith, was talking about happiness. She stated that chasing happiness did not make us happy. On the contrary!
This lady, author of a book called “The power of meaning” gained my trust because she seems reliable, credible and above all, I liked the way she presented her case, with passion.

Let me summarise her presentation so you can also benefit from the result of her years of research through meeting hundreds of people and asking them fundamental questions.

Ms Esfahani states that just pursuing happiness does not provide happiness.
However, having a meaningful life is better in order to fulfil the feeling of happiness.
A lack of meaning in life is the cause of depression and bad feelings.

Happiness is a state of comfort, a feel good moment, while a meaningful life gives long-term satisfaction. It is belonging and serving something beyond yourself and developing the best in you.

There are four pillars of a meaningful life according to this speaker.

1. Belonging

Belonging comes from being in relationships where you are valued for who you really are, not for whom you love or hate. True belonging springs from love. Love from family and friends.

2. Purpose

Having a purpose in life is less about what you want, it is more about what you give. Use your strengths to help others.

3. Transcendence:

The fact of going beyond yourself. This could be because you are devoted to art, music, writing or religion.

4. Storytelling

In the end, it is all about storytelling. Storytelling about yourself to yourself.

For example: If you have an accident you could tell yourself: before I had a good life and now I don’t have anything anymore. On the other hand, the person could tell himself: before I drank and ate too much and now I know why I’m alive and I have a purpose (sharing my story with others, helping others, …).

This process can take time but it is so rewarding.

A study showed that people who have a meaning in life are more resilient, do better in school and at work and they even live longer!

So, why not start building those pillars in your life, family, community or even at work?

It is not easy! It requires effort and it is an ongoing process.

As so many things in life, if you really want to have something very valuable it does require effort. But once you have started the journey, you like it and it seems effortless.

Good luck!

Frank Vande Voorde

Interested in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9Trdafp83U

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