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We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

As an employee looking for guidance in your career, how to see the Wood for the Trees?

An Degryse
  • 3 Min read

In Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia there are various measures to boost your career or to support a career switch. Because there are various possibilities and because not every region has the same measures, we would like to give you a brief overview.

Not with the intention of being exhaustive, but with the aim to give you more insights and to help you find your way around the training and coaching forest of VDAB, Actiris and Le Forem.

Attending trainings

Let's start with "support for training". The training voucher formula has been developed for this purpose. Training coupons are a form of financial support granted by the regions in Belgium. They can simply be ordered from the VDAB, Actiris or Le Forem. The purchase price of the checks is always lower than their fair value. Via this link you will get a complete overview of all possible forms in the different regions. From this page you can then click through to specific providers for concrete explanations:

 - Who can appeal to these vouchers?

- What is the value of these vouchers?

- How should they be applied for?

- Which courses give entitlement to this kind of support?


Career guidance

More and more employees and self-employed workers follow career guidance and pay for this with so called career checks. One such voucher costs you 40 euros as a user. However, for this amount, thanks to the generous intervention of the Flemish government, you can seek a solid guidance that in reality costs more than 40 euros. This investment would be earned back, because employees who have had career counselling are said to have less burnouts and stay longer at work.

Every inhabitant of Flanders or Brussels can use VDAB career checks, providing that (1) he hasn’t used his two career cheques during the past 6 years (2) he works full time or part time as an employee or self-employed person (3) and in the last 2 years, he has worked at least 1 year as an employee or self-employed person. Note that residents of other countries of the EU or EEA are also eligible for career checks if they work in Flanders or Brussels. If you live in Wallonia, you are only intituled to it if you have moved from another EU or EEA country and work in Flanders or Brussels! As a temporary employee, you are eligible as well, provided you have worked for at least 1 year in the past 2 years or have worked for at least 9 months, of which 4 weeks without interruption.

All concrete information can be found via the following links: https://www.vdab.be/loopbaanbegeleiding and http://www.vdab-loopbaancheque.be/wie/.

As Rainbow Resources Group, we do not only consider it our job to provide correct information, but also to think critically and to follow trends.

The numbers do not lie, a lot of people called on career checks for the last four years and the career coaches sprung up like mushrooms.

Since the end of 2017, the VDAB has more ways to monitor the quality of the guidance. By strictly defining the definition "career counselling", by introducing a quality label, the possibility to report complaints, and by welcoming a better follow-up of the providers of career counselling. (https://www.vdab.be/loopbaanbegeleiding/kwaliteit).

We ourselves have very positive experiences with career counselling based on a CoreTalent analysis. What is CoreTalents? CoreTalents reflect your nature, your potential and your intrinsic motivation to acquire knowledge and competences and to develop your classic capacities, personality and talents. Coretalents is your natural predisposition, your set of strong and less strong characteristics. Together they form the 'blueprint' of your personality. These are still underneath the layer of classical capacities, aptitudes, competences and skills.

Do you want more information about this?

You can always contact one of our consultants, An Degryse (an@rainbowgroup.be), https://www.vdab.be/magezine/03-2016/kindertijd and http://www.coretalents.be.


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