Competences you will need in 2020

Frank Vande Voorde
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If you wish to increase your employability in 2020 we advise you to subscribe to courses that teach you the competences described below. We believe the ones described are effectively more in demand, as they are the result of analyses by LinkedIn.

Considering there are more than 50.000 professional skills in the world, as stated in LinkedIn’s article, it is smart to concentrate on those skills that are in demand for the moment. LinkedIn researched which ones are more valuable to employers and which ones were hard to find. These competences also help you to better serve your clients and customers.

Soft skills 

Soft skills never go out of style. Certainly with the raise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), they will become even more important, as no machine will ever be able to surpass them.

In random order, these skills are creativity, collaboration, persuasion, adaptability and time management. This is no shocking news, as these soft skills have always been in demand. Already 25 years ago I followed several courses in time management, and I have been using the knowledge of this timeless skill I acquired then ever since. As to adaptability, it is a quality you better possess and develop in our ever-changing world.

Hard skills 

The following hard skills are not that timeless, but will be highly in demand in the near future:

  • Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Mobile Application Development – fun fact: more than 50 % of the Millennials only apply for a job on their mobile device; 
  • Analytical reasoning or being able to analyse all the available data;
  • Social media, digital marketing and social media marketing have been in demand for a while and are still important skills to develop;
  • Neurologic Programming (NLP), journalism and corporate communication – as everything is getting ever more digital, communication in whatever form will make you more important;
  • Audio, video production, game development, and animation.

The competences companies have always been looking for and which will probably increase in importance are the following: people management, sales leadership, language knowledge and translation. The latter has always been important in Belgium, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Brussels!

Skills such as software testing, customer service systems, UX design, and computer graphics are in increased demand as customer experience is acquiring a central role in marketing.

There is thus a high demand for competences that cannot be delegated to a machine and where human interaction is very important. The trick is not to develop too many skills at once, but to choose those ones which make you feel you could make a difference and can have fun doing it. 

We hope we gave you some insight into what skills you could learn to become more employable, have fun and grow as a professional.

Please get involved and leave a comment on our social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter). We can’t wait to hear what you think, and wish you the best of luck for 2020!


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