The perfect job

Laura Burchardt
  • 2 Min read

Ask anyone, no matter their age, experience or career, they will all tell you the perfect job doesn’t exist. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to make your not that perfect job, somewhat more perfect!

Even if it is the job they always wanted, dreamed of and worked so hard for, there is always something, some part of that job that they would rather not have to do.  Or it could be the opposite and they feel like something is missing.

So what to do with the least favorite part?

  • If you can, plan your day in accordance; do it first thing, do not postpone
  • If possible follow up with something more exciting.  
  • If it is a long task, take 5 min breaks every hour.

This way, you avoid being in a bad mood knowing that this burden must be done. You will even feel relieved that you got this task out of the way.

Also, if it’s a weekly recurrent task:

  • Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, confident and nice.
  • Prepare yourself a little treat for when you have finished the job in hand.
  • Plan to go out for lunch or dinner on that day.

Better yet, meet up for breakfast before work, this will help you gather energy to face the rest of the day.

What if you find something is missing? 

No matter what you feel you don’t have in your job, you can find it in a hobby.

  • Not enough training or personal development, go to evening school.
  • Need more movement, go to the gym (before or after work, maybe even during lunch time), join a club (dance, boxing, tennis, … )
  • Want more interaction, again join a club, a choir, …
  • Make a difference, become a volunteer

There are various types of volunteering, you can do something resembling your job. For example help out with administrative tasks in a small association, answer calls in a helpline, …

Or something completely different from your career, working in a soup kitchen, reading to kids, spending time with the elderly, …


“Nothing is perfect, but life is about the choices we make “


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