We have five senses: why not use all of them when looking for a job?

Frank Vande Voorde
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Our senses , normally we have five , are an important part of us as a human being. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luck to be able to use all of them and some people have senses which are hypersensitive. Some even say we have six senses, specially women. It is called intuition and indeed some people have this ‘gift’ more developed than others. Personally, I believe the latter has more to do with experience, wisdom and making fast and good associations. Anyway, it is a sense to take into account when making your decisions.

Most of us are not aware of the extent of the capabilities all our senses. We take them for granted and do not use them to their full benefit. We actually should!

Here are some good reasons why you should:

  • If you fully want to enjoy an experience  
  • To better understand someone else
  • To better remember someone or something
  • To be able to better to describe an event, situation or experience and allow the other person to better understand it.
  • Finally: to make better decisions

A rainbow are a few colors. Right, which ones?

We all saw a rainbow in our life, if not in nature, certainly in a book or magazine.

Most of the people cannot answer the question, because they looked at it, but did not associate it with other senses at the time. If you could describe what you were hearing at the time and what you smelled and associated it with each of the colors, it would be far easier to remember the colors.

I remember seeing one last year when leaving our house in the morning. It had rained during the night and the grass had just been cut (lovely smell). I stopped and took a picture of it and I felt happy because I could use the picture for post on social media soon after.

By the way the colors are red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo and purple.

So, what if we would use those important senses to make career decisions? You never would think about it, but I am sure, you already have done it but were not aware of it. Let us check this closer. 

Did you know your house has a proper sound, an own smell? Can you imagine describing your house, by sound and smell. I do not believe most of us could. A blind person on the other hand would only use these senses to describe where he or she lives. What about your office? The building of a future employer. Does the sound make you feel happy or do you get nervous?

It speaks for itself that to be able to use all five of your senses properly, your need to train them.

When I was following a course about wine, it became clear to many of the students that the use of their nose was not very well trained in the recognizing all the elements which could be present in a wine. The only way to be able to do that was to train our smelling sense by smelling different things and name them. Most of the time you do recognize the smell of a product but cannot name it. When someone tells you: ah yes ….

Come into an office and you smell. In the morning the coffee (or not!) during lunch time someone heated up her fish dish (!). The smell of an office can tell you if you like it or not. It does have an impact.

Did you know your house has a proper sound? Can you imagine describing your house, by sound? I do not believe most of us could. A blind person on the other hand would only use senses as hearing, smelling and feeling to describe where he or she lives. What about your office? The building of a future employer. Does the sound make you feel happy or do you get nervous (near a motorway, train station  or an airport) ?

Noise can be very damaging for you. But some noise can have a soothing effect. A fountain with falling water can bring a very relaxing atmosphere. Some people get nuts when they hear the sound of an airco, even on a hot summer day.

I can tell you that sitting in an office and hearing nothing, is also one you wish to avoid.

Our sight seems to best the best trained of all. However again, associated with our brain we do not train it enough. Example we hear what a person says, but do we always notice the body language of that person. Do we recognize the tension in her voice?

Being attentive to these small signs could mean a huge difference in not only your judgement of people, but also at the same time in your relationship with this person.


Taste is for the most of us well developed. We each have an opinion about a drink or a piece of food. To which taste do you compare your work environment? Did you get a dry taste during your last interview? Was it because of nerves or a bad feeling? Did it improve during the interview?

When you by a piece of clothing you touch it. The same if you buy a table or a hammer. How does the new office feel? This may sound strange, however think about it .

But how did you feel about the handshake of your possible new colleagues. A strong handshake of power, a soft handshake or a warm one. Do you remember the sweaty handshakes? Do these handshakes influence you and how? 

As you can notice, sometimes it difficult to give an answer based on your senses, but most of the time if you would analyze how it affects you, it could help you to make decisions. 

The only purpose of this article is to make you awareof your senses and how they can influence your thinking and how they can help you to make a positive decision. In the process of decision taking all elements that can you can identify to help you to make a good decision are welcome. Now you have some more.


Good luck!

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