The Customer Experience in HR

An Degryse
  • 4 Min read

At Rainbow Resources Group, we believe that being CLIENT ORIENTED is one of our most important "Unique Selling Propositions". The only way to make a difference to our customers whether it's the candidate side or the customer side.

What difference do we aim to make? The application-journey should not only meet the need (namely to be expertly supported in the search for a job or in the search for a suitable candidate; to be offered concrete opportunities; to propose adequate candidates) but also, throughout the whole process, to feel that we master our material, that we brief both client and candidate well and that we do this with passion, in a considerate way and at all times with the interests of client and candidate in mind. Quite a mouthful, isn't it? Do we always succeed in this? Certainly not, but it is and remains a strong focus in our way of acting. We also ask ourselves the constant question of how we can concretely improve this. How to help you further on your way, with concrete examples and interesting experts to work with.

We notice every day that it is a challenge to apply customer-focused action without losing sight of your own business model. We hear a lot of stories from candidates/clients who don't go through very nice application journeys at all: having to wait too long, not recieving an answer, having to interview unmotivated or unbriefed candidates, etc. Both sides of the story certainly have their share of frustration.

You don't believe me? Here it is, a concrete example. Recently we had a candidate who called on our services, a man in his forties and ready for a new challenge.

The application went smoothly. He was quickly invited to interviews and had two ongoing procedures when he came to us. Through our office we added a third one. In a time span of less than one month, the man had completed three assessments with three different providers, not taking into account the fact that he already had one or two assessment reports in his possession that were very recent. It is certainly understandable that everyone has their own approach, but perhaps it is interesting to listen to who is really in front of us, and to not just think from our own frame of mind.

It would not only make us more customer-oriented, but also more efficient and could save us a lot of money. According to a recent study by Vlerick Business School, consistent in-depth interviewing by different people gives better results than assessments and questionnaires. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to work more "tailor made". Conversely, there are also customers who receive too many irrelevant CV's, who meet unmotivated or misinformed people and put a lot of time into it, because the other side did not act "customer-oriented" and transparent enough.

And where do we get our inspiration? Well, we learn every day! As a SME, we don't have large budgets, we can't call on the experts from the Nexxworks network (but certainly follow these people, because they're top in their field and offer a lot of research and reporting). But we also have a number of people in our own country who have gathered a lot of expertise in the field of CEX: for example Sarah Keppens and Els Dhaeze. They assist you, as a company, on your way to customer focus, not only within HR but on all processes within your business without compromising your essence or your unique business model. Sarah shares a lot of expertise through LinkedIn and her website. Els wrote a fascinating book on this subject: "Out of love for the customer". Workshops, audits and teambuildings around this theme are also part of the offer, in addition to tailor-made work, of course.

If you would like to experience all of this live and free of charge, you can visit one of the sessions below: 6 February 19h in Leuven, 5 March 19h in Antwerp, 13 March 9h in Beringen, more info here and for the try-outs you can certainly mail to sarah@customerry.be.

We, too, continue to learn and our objective is that you, as our (future) customer, will benefit from this. Good luck on your CEX-journey.


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