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We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

We both have a lot in common: our scopes of clients and candidates, our methodology, our qualitative positioning in the market and last but not least, our ethic and values.

Together, we are looking forward with strong conviction to power your HR goals through a large scope of HR services.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

The truth about job searching

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Finding a job is not an easy thing, so let's break it down and take it one step at a time.

1.     What is your goal? 

Ask yourself: what your future ambition is and what steps you will need to take to achieve it. Whatever your target, be it financial or a certain title/position or company, etc., make sure that your next job, will bring you closer to your goal. 

Knowing what you expect from your next employment will help you when applying, as the reasoning behind your choice will form a large part of your cover letter will serve as selling points during your interviews. 

2.     Preparing your curriculum and cover letter

What you should keep in mind when writing your cv is that you must write it for the job you want, which means you need to put the focus on the skills and experiences that qualify you for the job you are applying for. Try to be brief but complete, without going into too much detail.

Begin your cover letter by explaining your decision on why you are applying for this particular position, in this company; share your interest in them.

Then bring the subject back to you, use your cover letter to highlight, why your competences and experiences will benefit the employer.

3.     Where and how to apply?

The obvious thing is to look online, there are a lot of websites that advertise jobs, but that also means that they receive a lot of applications. Share your curriculum on these websites, this allows recruiters to discover you.

Send out spontaneous applications, explore companies or areas that interest you and send your request to the human resources department.

Get in contact with recruitment agencies (yes, like Rainbow Resources Group), we can advise you, introduce you to our clients, we will be doing the job searching with you and we will be coaching you throughout the interview process. Also, I encourage you to keep in touch with your consultant, keep them informed of your searches, not on a weekly basis but at least once a month.

4.     You’ve got an interview!

All interviews must be prepared, know the company, if possible get to know as much as possible about the people with whom you will be interviewing. Try to prepare a few questions, so it feels more like a conversation and less like an interrogation. 

Presentation will be important, as this will be the first impression they will have of you. Dress professionally, regardless of the level of the job you are applying for. Do not smoke just before an interview, if you must, be sure to get rid of the smell before the interview.

Be on time, I would advise that you leave your home 30 mins before your planned departure, so you do not need to rush (this will avoid additional stress , as well as sweating), if for this reason you are too early, take this time to compose yourself and read over your notes one last time, only present yourself 10 minutes before the interview, no earlier.

Be yourself, they are already interested in your profile, so focus on that positive element and build on it.

5.     It’s unfavourable

It is difficult to get negative answers or even no answers, keep in mind that: ‘it is not personal, they do not know you.’

Use it as a teaching tool, ask for feedback: ‘Why didn’t they choose you?’, ‘What else can you do?’, etc.

6.     What else can you do?

Establish contacts on Linkedin, link with people who are already in the field or the company that interests you, you can even contact them for advice on how to get to where they are.

Be willing to rewrite your curriculum from scratch have your CV and cover letter reread, a fresh look could provide valuable advice.

Put your work out there; use social media to share with others your knowledge, skills, talent, etc.

Improve yourself by taking courses or by staying informed about everything related to the job or field that interests you.  

Set aside a certain amount of hours per week for applying to jobs, I recommend 5 to 10 hours a week. Fewer than that, the search will not be efficient enough; more than that, you will quickly feel demotivated. 

And if you do feel unmotivated, take a break, leave your search aside for a day or two and come back to it refreshed and positive, it will make a difference.

7.     The job offer

Take the time to read the offer, analyse if you are truly satisfied with the overall job and the work conditions. Don’t accept a job out of desperation; take the time to find what suits you.

Make sure everything that you agree on with the employer is written in the contract; do not hesitate to ask them to adapt the contract.

Rainbow Resources Group remains at your disposal if you have any questions regarding the points in this article. This is also part of our services, to advise and guide our candidates.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do “ – Steve Jobs



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