Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

We both have a lot in common: our scopes of clients and candidates, our methodology, our qualitative positioning in the market and last but not least, our ethic and values.

Together, we are looking forward with strong conviction to power your HR goals through a large scope of HR services.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

Doing business with the heart

An Degryse
  • 2 Min read

Doing business is more than just figures, it's about doing it with the heart.


It is with mixed feelings that we are writing this. Whilst we have been hit on a personal level, we still look towards the future.The circumstances in which we operate today do not create new truths, but sharpen our focus. Would you call this an unconscious tribute? We call it resilience.

Contrary to what you are used to, this will be a personal article. Because, "not talking about it" doesn't feel right.With the risk that of sounding like a cliche, you should know why we have been proudly practicing our craft for years.You need to know why you can count on the quality and personal service of Rainbow Resources Group today.

When Rainbow Careers was active in recruitment and selection for more than 30 years, Frank Vande Voorde gave the company a heart and soul. It was a conscious choice to start doing business, not (only) based on figures, but with passion and the focus on “humanity”. A few years ago I had the opportunity to join this company to help start a new office in Mechelen. Frank convinced me of the craft of recruiting. "It is not nuclear  physics," he said, "but it is craftsmanship that you apply with knowledge, that you embrace with EQ and that you enrich with pride." As a recruitment consultant you get the opportunity to help build organizations and companies, from the bottom up. You find the people who will help the company grow and you help build their talent pool and their employer branding. Make the effort to learn, to read, to understand and to listen to the company. Take the opportunity to work in confidence.Trust. This was Frank's code word.

At Rainbow we want to get to know the candidate as a person. Not to reduce this person to a sheet of paper with competencies and skills. “Hire for attitude, train for skills”, you hear it everywhere but here it is applied.

Recruiting is a craft. A profession that you carry out with pride, knowledge and permanent curiosity, every day. You will find my colleagues and myself imbued with this creed, every day to be ready to support you in the search for the talent that your organization or company needs. Today, tomorrow and for many years to come. We see it as our mission to deliver the following quote: "try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud". Why? Because in combination with digitization, the hyper-human will take your hires to a higher level. #becausewedotakeitpersonal, even now. Thank you for your confidence.

See you soon.

The Rainbow Team

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