Reinvent your career during Corona times!

Liesbet Van de Broek
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A few weeks ago I read the article “Reinventing Your Career during the coronavirus crisis”? I would like to share such a fascinating article with you.

The article is about how unexpected events (such as Covid19) break through our daily routines and take us out of our comfort zones. This often leads to big questions about what is important both privately and in our career. How we look for our different 'possible selves': who can I be, what can I do? No wonder many people start thinking about their careers during the current pandemic.

But is this really the right time? Even for those of us who are lucky enough not to be sick, to care for others who are sick or to make ends meet, the pandemic has increased uncertainty.

I read about the concept of 'liminality' - troubled phase between “holding on” and “letting go.” "liminality" - that is, the phase between a past that is clearly gone and a future that is still uncertain.

I would like to include Bill Bridges' quote: “We need not feel defensive about this apparently unproductive time-out at turning points in our lives… In the apparently aimless activity of our time alone, we are doing important inner business.”

Network: The golden rule of career change networking has always been to mobilize your “weak” bonds - that is, the relationships you have with people you don't know or see very often, to maximize your chances to learn things you don't know yet. The problem with friends, family and close associates - your "strong" ties - is that they know the same things as you do. They will want to help you, of course, but they are unlikely to help you think creatively about your future. They are more likely to put you in a box.

Practice self-reflection. Paradoxically, self-reflection is best practiced by talking out loud in social exchanges with kindred spirits who respond, sympathize, feel sorry, ask questions, read your body language, and share their own experiences.

Although difficult in the current context of self-isolation and social detachment. Still, with a little initiative and creativity, you can find ways - by planning walks that respect social distance, by partnering online with a career coach, by creating a zoom group that meets regularly to share plans.

And after thinking and progressing, talk about it concretely, shape your new ego and get started. The time to get started is now - but don't go alone!


Source: Harvard Business News, Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Corona by Herminia Ibarra


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