Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group

We are proud to announce you that as from today Rainbow Resources Group will be joining Axis Group. Axis Group has been a leading player in the recruitment and HR services industry for nearly 25 years.

We both have a lot in common: our scopes of clients and candidates, our methodology, our qualitative positioning in the market and last but not least, our ethic and values.

Together, we are looking forward with strong conviction to power your HR goals through a large scope of HR services.

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Rainbow Resources Group is now part of Axis Group


"I would like to thank all of you very much for your assistance in helping me find interesting job prospects. The personal approach of Rainbow agency was greatly appreciated and I felt very comfortable working with your agency. I would definitely recommend it to a friend if they are looking to find work and I also plan on contacting you when I return from my travels in hope of finding a career oriented job. "


"Dear Irene, dear Colleagues from Rainbow,

With reference to our previous e-mail exchanges and agreement that I would inform you if I find a job via other ways, I confirm that I've signed an indefinite contract with a private company, starting the 01/10/2018. 

Despite the fact that I didn"t find this job with your intermediation, please allow me to thank you and your colleagues for the high level of dedication and commitment to your work, sending always almost "tailor made" offers to me, and for offering a very personal attention and empathy to my case. As matter of fact, - thought during my job research I was in contact with 9 "headhunter" companies -, with one exception you were the only ones treating my file in such a highly professional and nevertheless very personal manner, for which you will be the ones I will recomment to others in a similar situation. 

I wish a lot of success to the whole team, and in case I would be again "on the hunt" you will be the first ones to be contacted!

Kind regards,



I was recruited by Ms. Josefin […], Recruitment Consultant, and it was a great pleasure meeting her. Josefin took time to know me better both on a professional and personal level. She is very professional, she was very well informed about the position and company she was recruiting for. I also liked her positive approach, she is very lively and truly cares about her clients. Even after the recruitment process, we stayed in touch, Josefin followed up on how I was doing with my new job. She is surely one of the best recruitment managers any client can ask for.    


Hi Rainbow,

Thank you so much for your card, that was totally unexpected but a very pleasant surprise!
I'm doing very well at The Conference Board, I'm fitting in well and my colleagues are super friendly and fun to work with.
Please give my thanks to everyone in Rainbow, it was a very good birthday present!
Warmest regards,

"Alison […] and her staff of talented recruiters provide an excellent all round service. The team's open communication style, skill at negotiation, respect and understanding leave one with a strong and positive impression - one has trust and confidence in their ability to deliver the best outcomes."


Having moved halfway across the world to be with my fiancé, job hunting became a main priority to give my new life structure and purpose. I had left my home of Malaysia in which I’ve grown-up and lived-in for the past 30 years. Everything felt foreign to me in Belgium - the languages, the country, the culture. Not being your typical degree holder or someone with a higher level of education, and unable to speak any of the official languages of French, Dutch or German made job-hunting an even bigger challenge. I’ve sent hundreds of job applications to many different companies but never got a positive response.

One day, I stumbled upon a position which was advertised with Rainbow. I decided to apply for it and received a reply from Priscilla saying that unfortunately, the employer was looking for someone with a different profile. Even though the reply was negative, I thanked her for at least having read through my application and to ask a favour for her to contact me should something more fitting comes up. She was kind enough to arrange a meeting at her office and to get to know me as a person. I was greeted by the lovely Josephine who made me feel very welcome. The meeting with Priscilla was a pleasant experience. She is an open-minded individual and she understood the challenges I faced with the lack of positive feedback on job opportunities. After filling up the necessary paperwork and some online tests, I left the office feeling positive and hoping for the best. Less than a week later, I was invited to an interview for an interim position by one of their clients, [... ] 

I’m proud to say that it was merely 3 months ago and I’ve now obtained a permanent contract with them! This would not have been possible without the great people of Rainbow - Priscilla (Thank you for having faith in me!), Josephine (Thank you for your positivity, kindness and IT support!), Manuela (Thank you for the call when I was offered the position!) Laura (Thank you for all the timely payments!), Molesse (Thank you for the surprise office visit and lovely gift!) And to everyone I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are making a positive impact in people’s lives - I am proof of that!


'I wanted to thank Rainbow for helping me secure a permanent contract in such a rewarding role and work environment. I recommend Rainbow to anyone who is looking for a job; you are the only agency who offered me such an interesting opportunity!

Again, thank you very much!'


Ik ben nu aan de slag bij een Mechels bedrijf gedurende één maand. Die job heb ik via Rainbow Resources Group kunnen bemachtigen. Het was voor mij de eerste keer dat ik met een rekruteringsagentschap gewerkt hebt, en tot dusver is dat een heel goede ervaringe geweest. De mensen bij Rainbow zijn heel vriendelijk, behulpzaam en steeds beschikbaar. Er is geen vraag die ze niet beantwoorden. Ik raad dit bureau echt aan. Veel succes allemaal in jullie zoektocht naar een job! 


Today officially marks my last day working as a temp for Rainbow for now. I want to take the time to kindly thank you for your great assistance and assertiveness in placing me in this position. You clearly did an excellent job because I have nothing more than positive words to describe my experience here. This matched all my expectations and really provided me with the experience and learning that I was longing.

Also I am extremely satisfied with the support, cooperation received from Rainbow. You always showed me your professionalism and expertise.


Dear Alison, 

I wanted to thank you & the team at Rainbow for you time and help in my job search. Your kindness, professionalism & sincere interest in your candidates would make me return to Rainbow (as I have always done) & recommend your company any time.

Kind Regards, 


"Rainbow Admin Careers arranged four interviews for me whilst I was unemployed. Each position was very close to what I was looking for. They are efficient and thorough and waste nobody's time. I accepted the fourth job I was put forward for. Rainbow Admin Careers' excellent communication skills ensured that everything went smoothly from there. I have now been happily employed for almost a year."


"I have worked with Rainbow Admin Careers many many years and also many times, on both sides of the table. Alison and her team are true professionals and they genuinely care about how you feel about a certain job as a candidate/employee, all the time bearing in mind the specific needs of the (potential) employer. They understand the magic of having both ends meet. And even when you don't need them or are not looking to change career paths, they are truly interested about your whereabouts and how you are doing professionally. Rainbow understands candidates. They also understand employers. I admit that I have worked with other agencies along the way, but I always happily return to the "House of Trust". I know that I can always count on the Rainbow approach and professionalism and this will stay this way."


I was living in Ireland and was looking for relocating to Belgium. I have been contacted by Rainbow Resources Group for a role in Londerzeel. All the interview process went extremely well. My contact in Rainbow has been extremely friendly, helpful and professional. All my questions were answered in a timely manner and my contact even gave me helpful advices. She followed up with me every step of the way, having a personal approach of my progress, updating when necessary until I signed my contract.

Rainbow is a real open minded and modern agency ready to use new technologies to support  the reruitment process. In my case, they accepted to make skype interviews. Thanks to Rainbow Resources I have achieved my goal to obtain a permanent role in Belgium and get closer to my family.

I totally recommend Rainbow Resources Group who has been a major actor in my career and life changing project. Thank you to all the team and Irene in particular!


Thank you once again for helping me find this great job! I have learnt so much and I feel now more mature in the role of Legal Secretary. 


Rainbow possesses a deep knowledge of how to approach the candidates and how to recognise if their profile matches to a job posting. From the candidate’s perspective, Rainbow not only fully respected my aptitudes and skills but it also motivated me to clearly detect what jobs I should apply for. Rainbow’s well-structured interview questions and testing procedure helped me to find the perfect match job I was looking for. I would highly recommend Raindow’s services.


My experience with Rainbow HR careers has been very positive. I found a job on their website that interested me and sent my CV. I was contacted the following day for an interview.  The process from then on was clear and efficient. Rainbow HR careers made an effort to keep me informed on the progress of my application with their client and they were always keen on getting feedback from me after the interviews. It was a pleasant experience and I am now eagerly waiting to start the new position for which I had initially sent my CV. I would definitely recommend Rainbow HR Careers for their professionalism and efficiency.


"Ten years ago I met Rainbow's team who found me a job in which I learned a lot. 10 years later, Rainbow is still there for me, fast, efficient, full of energy. An appointment, an update of my resume5 interviews within the shortest delay and a result Here I am with a new challenge. Everything I needed in a difficult professional moment, a Rainbow in the storm. Thank you so much"


'I have used Rainbow's recruitment services since 2001 and always found you to be professional, extremely helpful and above all, human. It's clear that you know how to find the right person for the right job. I love my new work, so I hope I will not need your services again for a while - but whenever I do need recruitment services I always know where to come first. Thank you!'.


"I'm really impressed by the professionalism and very human approach of your team and I would like to thank you for that."


Dear Laura,

Dear Rainbow,

Thank you for your patience!

Sometimes we feel lost,

Sometimes we feel bad,

But over the rainbow,

We find sun and beautiful smile!

Kind regards,




'Rainbow Admin Careers has been very helpful in getting me the position of Personal Assistant at Allen & Overy LLP. I was particularly impressed by the team's never ending enthusiasm and professional mindset. I very much appreciated their help with the preparation of interviews and debriefing talks afterwards'.


'Alison en haar team zijn ware professionals. Ze zijn vriendelijk, communiceren direct en antwoorden snel. Ik heb mij droomjob gevonden! Bedankt Rainbow!'


'Got this great opportunity to work  for a great company thanks to Priscilla who introduced me to Alison who negotiated a contract and excellent deal. Together with Deborah, an excellent Team I can only recommend!'.


I went from Negative to Positive.

A great help and follow-up from a great team!

Result : once again, I go to work with a smile... Thanks for the Rainbow energy!! 


The people from Rainbow Resources Group did something that seemed impossible to me, so I’m taking here the initiative to explain it a little bit, and perhaps someone else’s life could be completely changed (in a good way) after being motivated to reach out to them for help. 

During the Summer of 2016, I found myself in an extremely difficult situation, I was desperate and I didn’t know from where to start. I had to find a job as quickly as possible, but at the same time I didn’t have the time to completely dedicate myself to this task. Being Bulgarian, I wanted to use the fact that I’m still in Brussels for a couple of months to try to find a job. 

After being advised by a friend to do so, one of the first things I did was to write to Rainbow – I wrote a long and desperate e-mail. Literally 10 minutes after sending it (just the time to read what I wrote), I received a phone call from Marie from Rainbow and she presented me right away the different job offers that could fit my profile. I also tried to reach out to all the other “famous” recruitment agencies, but Rainbow was the only one to respond to my cry for help.

Later, Alison called me to offer me a temporary job – a company needed urgently an additional person for three weeks and I accepted. I think it is important to clarify that this company is related somehow with my studies, even if the job by itself wasn’t. So, Rainbow managed to find not only a job for me, but a job in a company I’ll be interested in working for. From the other side, they managed to find an adequate person for a company which needed an extra pair of hands right away, for the very same day.

And all the people I met from Rainbow couldn’t have been nicer. For instance, during this temporary job, Alison and Laura came to say hi and to see how I’m doing. Clearly, I was not only a statistic for them. 

A month and a half after I left this temporary position, Alison called me again for a lovely surprise – the company I worked for was interested in offering me a perment position. I accepted it of course and in this very moment, I have a permanent job. And to get it, the only concrete thing I did was to contact and meet  the people from Rainbow.

In short, Rainbow Resources Group managed to find a permanent job in Brussels for a guy who didn’t do enough in his job search, who has a lot of holes in his CV, who doesn’t speak Flemish and whose English is far from perfect.

I could not be more grateful and honest while writing this. If you are a person looking for a job, or a company willing to hire people, I highly recommend Rainbow Resources Group. In the end, it’s all about people, and of all the recruitment agencies I’ve contacted, Rainbow is the most human one.

Rainbow’s ex-candidate Stefan Petrov


'Rainbow Resources Group was de eerste organisatie in de rekrutering die nuttig was in mijn zoektocht naar een job. Consulente An hield echt rekening met mijn persoonlijkheid, mijn sterktes en mijn interesses. Dankzij haar en Rainbow Resources Group kan ik mij volledig ontplooien in een job die voor mij geschikt is.' 


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