Give your career a boost as Office Manager

An Office Manager ensures smooth running of a company's administration, whether it relates to the Executive Office or to a specific department. He/she ensures an even distribution of work between the secretaries and the quality of the secretarial work. This is both a support and a managerial position. 

The Office Manager’s duties

While the Office Manager still carries out secretarial work, he/she is mainly involved in more complex administrative tasks. He/she manages office supplies and facilities, as well as the related budgets. If a problem occurs, he/she remains calm and strives to find a solution. For instance, in the framework of a company or departmental move, the Office Manager acts as chief coordinator to ensure a smooth transition. 

In parallel, he/she can also take on a number of HR duties, such as the administration of HR and personnel matters. He/she acts as the point of contact between different departments and makes sure that sick employees are not forgotten and that birthdays are celebrated. He/she also organises the annual team building outings, according to the available budget. He/she motivates the team of secretaries, handles staff appraisals and distributes work. He/she is an active networker and maintains good internal contacts. Above all, he/she ensures smooth running of a company's administration. 

The Office Manager’s skills

An Office Manager is a real problem-solver, who works in a proactive and decisive manner. He/she helps to outline company policy, shows flexibility and is good at multitasking. He/she ensures that everything runs smoothly and can set priorities. An Office Manager can easily get along with all kinds of people. He/she not only takes into account the needs and potential of the administrative team, but also the wishes of clients and other departments. An Office Manager has received specific training for this purpose. Moreover, he/she can subsequently specialise in Translation or Interpretation.

The Office Manager’s growth opportunities

As Office Manager, you can work in almost any type of company, even in the non-profit and public sectors. There is no shortage of vacancies.

The importance of the Office Manager role is increasing. Employees' working schedules have to be continuously fine-tuned due to an increase demand in flexibility.

A big company can hire an Office Manager for one of its departments, while a smaller company can choose to appoint one for the whole office. In a large structure, the Office Manager can even be part of the management team.

A motivated Office Manager can develop further according to his/her commitment and ongoing training. He/she can evolve towards a consultant role or become Facilities Assistant/Manager or Project Assistant/Manager.

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