Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer qu'à partir d'aujourd'hui, Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group. Le groupe Axis est un acteur de référence dans le secteur du recrutement et des services RH depuis près de 25 ans.

Nous avons beaucoup en commun : notre gamme de clients et de candidats, notre méthodologie, notre positionnement qualitatif sur le marché et, enfin et surtout, notre éthique et nos valeurs.

Ensemble, nous sommes fortement convaincus que vous pourrez atteindre vos objectifs en matière de ressources humaines grâce à un large gamme de services.

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Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group

Why apply for a job as Recruitment Consultant?

  • 2 Min de lecture
Many people believe that the role of Recruitment Consultant is the same in every agency to which they apply.

Well, I can tell you that this is certainly not the case and I'm speaking from experience! Prior to joining the Rainbow team, I worked for another recruitment agency.

When I started working at Rainbow Resources Group, I made my choice for different reasons: I found the small structure appealing, as it would give me the opportunity to learn many things, at my own pace.

Secondly, the values of Rainbow spoke to me personally: Care, Trust, Fun and Diversity. You may think that values are just "corporate marketing words", but here, I could really sense that these were not just words, but a way of working and living! 

What also attracted me to go for this job were the PEOPLE I was going to work with. Honestly, can you name one single agency that has someone like Alison Peever in its team? A lady with more than thirty years experience in the field and in the same agency! Leading the team is another strong personality in the recruitment world: Frank Vande Voorde: a talented businessman with more than twenty years experience in the recruitment field and who worked for major global recruitment firms.

I must say, I felt somewhat overawed during my interviews with these people. I was wondering what I would be able to bring to the company, as a little shrimp with only three years of recruitment experience. Well, it was the best choice I have made in my career so far. The things I discovered, the path I walked, the training I was given… these are all things I would never have found in a standard recruitment agency where consultants are paid on commission and under the pressure of unrealistic targets.

As a person, I must say that figures and numbers do not motivate me. I am more a people person: if I have a good feeling about you, I will go the extra mile and even further. Of course I am not working for an amusement or a recreation park. We are still focussed on obtaining results and on building the business. I believe, however that this can be done in a long-term, relationship-building way and not in a short-term, figures-oriented way. 

Do you feel the same about your job as Recruitment Consultant? If you're enthusiastic, creative, persistent and above all passionate about what you do, then we can guarantee that your talent will be recognised and rewarded.

Don't delay - apply today and maybe we will soon be colleagues!

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