Take care of your team members

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How to motivate your team members?

If you are a team leader, division manager, Managing Director or Business owner, it is crucial that you motivate your team members, employees or people who work for you.

Easier said than done. True. But if you don’t do it, you might be faced with an empty house one day!

Personally, I believe that there are several things you could do and some that you MUST do. Let’s begin with the latter.

Be fair! Treat all people fairly. You can treat staff members differently based on personality or aspirations, but do not favour one or more people. Make sure everyone knows what is expected of him or her and make them accountable. Having a goal and being responsible for output does motivate! 

Training people or sending them on training courses or to development centres gives you more ROI then you might expect.

Inform people if they are not performing and warn them of the consequences. Let go of the people with the wrong attitude! They will ruin your team spirit. Tell your employees when a job is well done. People need, love praise.

Give people a certain flexibility. Discuss and explain the boundaries and help them to deal with tough situations by giving more flexibility during difficult periods.

Promote team spirit with team activities such as dinners, social activities or open discussions.

Share the ‘glory days’ with your team but also when things are not going well and you need support; involve them.

There are so many more things you can do. I strongly believe in the above and try to apply the motivators often and consistently. 

Good luck!


Frank Vande Voorde


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