Success is not just about luck!

  • 2 Min de lecture
Some actions can be copied and implemented straight away.

When you ask successful people what they did to become successful, you realise that success is not just about luck. Very often – most of the time even – it is a combination of attitude, talent, and actions. 

In the following paragraphs, we will focus on actions as these can be copied and implemented straight away.

First of all, nearly all those successful people know what they are doing and have a clear goal in mind. They have a purpose and are conscientious about their actions. Here are a few of their habits:

They block time to perform the tasks they are supposed so carry out. When they do something, they are focussed on the specific task. They read a great deal in order to learn and assimilate knowledge. They also regularly converse intelligently with different relations (clients, suppliers, friends, etc.) about their business. Talking to people is a must for them.

They truly believe in personal relation management.

They free up time in order to think about the future of their business and the people involved in the consequences of their decisions. And they certainly make time for their families and will advise you to spend time at home and have family dinners!

When you ask them about social media, they are fully conversant with the phenomenon but, at the same time, they will restrict the time they spend on it. They prefer to talk to people and to use social media to learn and connect but only during specific periods of the day.

There are two or three attitudes I would like to highlight here - they are grateful for what they have and they are positive people. The “greatest of all”, in my opinion, remain humble. This means that they do not spend money to show off or impress and they keep both feet firmly on the ground.

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