Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer qu'à partir d'aujourd'hui, Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group. Le groupe Axis est un acteur de référence dans le secteur du recrutement et des services RH depuis près de 25 ans.

Nous avons beaucoup en commun : notre gamme de clients et de candidats, notre méthodologie, notre positionnement qualitatif sur le marché et, enfin et surtout, notre éthique et nos valeurs.

Ensemble, nous sommes fortement convaincus que vous pourrez atteindre vos objectifs en matière de ressources humaines grâce à un large gamme de services.

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Rainbow Resources Group rejoint Axis Group

You have not been retained for a job opening. What now?

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"In every recruitment process, there are different people involved and the personalities of the other people must also be taken into account."

The phone rings or you receive an email informing you that you were an interesting candidate but, unfortunately, you have not been retained for the job opening. The reason: another person had a slightly better profile for the vacancy. You thought this was a really nice job and you had high hopes that you would be the chosen candidate.

Sounds familiar? No? Good for you!  Maybe you have not yet had this experience. But, what if it does happen? How can you deal with it? Here are some of our tips.

You have the right to be disappointed! It is not fun to be rejected for a job you liked. You are allowed to process this negative news but do not spend too much time feeling sorry or it will become worse.

Talk to some trusted people about your disappointment - only a few people, however. Do not broadcast the news on social media; this will harm rather then help you. Do not complain too much either; this will only make it more difficult to get over your disappointment and could, ultimately, lead to depression and that won't help anyone, especially not you!

The next step is to analyse the whole process to see what you can do better next time. What have you learnt and where can you improve? If you do not know, ask the people you met in the company. They can point out areas of improvement and can also highlight what you were particularly good at. 

One negative reply, even two, three or four, does not mean you are not capable. It merely means that the job was not meant for you. This rejection could turn out to be the best thing that happened to you! I, for example, was once rejected for a top job abroad. Today, I am happy to have a job near my family and full of challenges and responsibilities. 

There is more than one dream job out there. What elements were particularly attractive to you? How can you transpose them to another job? If you really liked the company, be sure to thank the people you met for their time and efforts. Tell them that you are open for future opportunities. You never know, they could come back to you at a later date. The way you react to their rejection could be an indication for them to reconsider your application at some time in the future. 

You will finally come to realise that a rejection is not only, and all, about you. In every recruitment process, there are different people involved and the personalities of the other people must also be taken into account. 

Do not hesitate to share a personal experience ! 

In the meantime, good luck!

Frank Vande Voorde 

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