What can you do to make a good impression?

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Some tips to be remembered in the best possible light.

Sometimes, it would be worthwhile to be remembered by the business people who are worthwhile to be remembered by. 

Be it for your business or for a future career move, it is sometimes important to be remembered by some of the business people you meet. How do you best introduce yourself and what can you do to make a good impression and to be remembered in the best possible light?

In our professional lives, we nearly all have a business card that indicates our name, title and the company we represent. So why should all this information be repeated if you give someone your business card? 

A better approach is to state your name and tell the person how you can be useful to him/her.  You can do this to have an IMPACT on the person. The impact could mean that you Impress by saying something Meaningful, with a Purpose to come to Action or Commitment and start to build Trust.

An example: my name is Frank Vande Voorde and I am an experienced staffing specialist in the fields of Administration HR and Accounting. So, should you be looking for people in any of these domains, you can give me a call and my team and I can assist you, while providing a professional and personalised service. 

In this case, the person has said what he/she can do, not who he/she is. 

Give it a try and you will see the difference. Be aware of the context and different cultures (example: first name or last name; “tu” or “vous” in French, the way business cards are handed out in Asia vs in Europe.)

Your behaviour is also important. When meeting someone, look directly at the person and offer a friendly handshake. “Be there” is one of the quotes of the FISH-attitude. It means to be present and to listen attentively to the person. Do not look around or prepare your comments on what the person is saying. 

Humour is a very good ally to be remembered by, but be aware that not everyone, or every culture, has the same sense of humour.

Remember a saying by Maya Angelou “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Next time you have to introduce yourself we hope you will be better prepared and will be remembered afterwards! 

Good luck!

Your Rainbow Team.

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