New Year : the right time to measure your employees' commitment?

Frank Vande Voorde
  • 2 Min de lecture
A new year has just started... The perfect time to make sure your staff members are still happy in their job in order to contribute to successful business activities this year!

First of all, in general, most people are happy at work. They like their jobs, enjoy the company of most of their colleagues and are happy to earn the money.

They, nevertheless, always want to change a few things to be even happier. Does this mean they are really committed, ready to work the extra mile, to give the best of themselves? Probably not.

To be committed, people need to feel appreciated. “Appreciation” means more than “respect”, and is not the same as “liked”. Appreciation is being recognised, thanked and rewarded for a job well done.

Recognition does not have to be voiced in public – it already has its effect on an individual basis.

A reward does not necessarily have to be a monetary compensation. Praise can be a reward. 

Your staff needs autonomy. They are adults and have brains, wisdom and some of them have many years of experience. They want to be trusted and empowered to be able to derive satisfaction from the results of their work, individually or as part of a team. 

People want to learn, to be more effective at their jobs, but also to be more competitive on the market. They want to be a valuable asset or to be able to evolve in your, or another, company.

Your staff members want to be listened to, individually or as a team. They have an opinion and they know, or are aware of, things that you are not aware of.

They want to be given a vision, a dream. They want to be inspired because it gives them a purpose - an individual purpose and a common purpose.

In order to be fully committed, they want to feel part of a larger entity. An entity that will achieve common goals. 

Nowadays, people also want to feel good. By this, we mean that there is a general need to feel that one is contributing to a good cause. This could be to nature, the climate, the wellbeing of humanity,… 

If you can identify with all of the above and pay your people a decent salary, give your colleagues a reasonable work/life balance, a – limited – flexibility, we can assure you that your colleagues will be amongst the most committed you could dream of. 

Good luck implementing this. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day!

Wishing you the very best.

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