Rainbow Resources Group maakt deel uit van Axis Group

Met trots kondigen we aan dat Rainbow Resources Group vanaf vandaag deel uitmaakt van Axis Group.
Axis Group is sinds bijna 25 jaar een gevestigde waarde in de rekruteringssector.

We hebben veel met hen gemeen: een soortgelijke database aan klanten en kandidaten, dezelfde manier van werken, éénzelfde oog voor kwaliteit en we hanteren dezelfde normen en waarden.

Samen kijken we er naar uit om je HR-doelstellingen kracht bij te zetten met ons breed gamma aan HR-diensten.

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Rainbow Resources Group maakt deel uit van Axis Group

5 tips to improve your job interview

  • 1 Min leestijd

Yes, you need to prepare for all standard interview questions, stupid questions and others. 

This is not news to you, or to the other applicants interested in the vacancy.  But how can you make an even better impression and ensure that you will be remembered when the recruiter or hiring manager has met all the candidates.

Here are five tips I would recommend; they will certainly have a positive impact on the person you meet.

  1. Instead of telling the interviewer how good you are, and which competencies and skills you possess, you should be evoking situations at work, or in your life, which highlight how your competencies have been used in those specific circumstances.
  2. Provide names of some references who can support the achievements you have described or who will recommend you for specific qualities.
  3. Try to engage in a conversation or ensure there is an interaction between yourself and the interviewer. You can do this by answering her/his questions and ending with a question for him/her.
  4. Show confidence! Dress to impress, speak clearly with intonation, and sit up straight with your shoulders back.
  5. Ask for follow up and make sure that you, too, give good follow-up, such as a thank you email confirming your interest and indicating your availability in the coming days.

Being different doesn't take much effort but making that effort will make a world of difference. It's up to you – it's your move next!

If you have a tip of your own, why not share it? Our readers will certainly appreciate it! 

Kind regards,

Frank Vande Voorde

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