Matching the cultural fit. How?

Frank Vande Voorde
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There is an Olympic minimum requirement in order to be able to participate in this four yearly sports event. These minima apply to each athlete and each sport discipline and they are independent of any judge who can make a decision whether or not an athlete can participate.

Today, in the hiring process, the “cultural fit” seems to be the equivalent of the “Olympic minimum” to be accepted as a new colleague. There’s nothing wrong with this! My question is: does everyone in the hiring process know what cultural fit means and is everyone aware of the same criteria to evaluate this cultural fit? 

It is a very good idea to analyse, describe and identify the culture on the basis of a sample of clear concepts. 

All interviewers should evaluate final candidates on these concepts. In an article I read by Pat Wadors and Brendon Browne on “Hiring for culture fit”, I agree with their idea of several components of cultural fit in an organisation, such as style and expectation: They define style as a way to communicate, give/receive gratitude and to build relations.

Expectation is described as a candidate’s career preference and his/her aspiration to interact with the operation of the company. 

Personally, I would add attitude and values to the elements that define the culture.

Again, I agree with the authors in their weekly “Talent on Top” series in which they state that culture should be viewed as a living, evolving force within the organisation. Therefore, people involved in the recruitment process must be updated regularly about its evolution. 

The danger, as the authors state, is that recruiters, or hiring managers, only recruit people who are similar to them. This is a trap all organisations have to be very cautious not to fall in. People often think that, because they recruit and represent the company, they are the champions of the company culture. This may once have been true. But is it still a fact?

What are your criteria to check the cultural fit of your candidates?

Any thoughts you would like to share with the community? Don’t hesitate to let us know! 

Kind regards. 

Frank Vande Voorde

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