Leading your team in 2020

Frank Vande Voorde
  • 2 Min leestijd
Some tips when leading your team to common goals

The challenges on how to lead your team in the best possible manner are not going to go away in 2017. I guess it will become even more challenging as you will have to face more changes and adapt faster than in the past. Think about the digitalisation the arrival of the millennials (the Y-Generation) on the labour market in greater numbers and the fact that people will have to work longer before they will be entitled to a retirement income. These are surely a few issues that we will have to take into account in the (near) future.

In order to help you, let me share a few tips I have experienced, learned or read about, which could be useful for you in 2017 when leading your team to common goals.

  1. As a leader, you must have a vision! Where are your department, organisation and you yourself heading? How clear is this vision to you and your team?
  2. Build trust with the people you want to lead, otherwise they will not believe in you and your ideas, and they will not buy into your vision.
  3. Lead by example. Today, people want transparency and authenticity from their leaders. They want to know if you have the right attitude, apply your values in daily life and really exhibit the behaviour you talked about.
  4. Demonstrate courage, as you will need it to convince people. But people also believe in people who demonstrate courage and creativity.
  5. Creativity and innovation are not only buzzwords, they are also needed in order to act and think differently. To change or adapt is something you will have to do, considering the world today.
  6. Ideas and solutions come from everywhere and from anyone within the organisation. Everyone wants to contribute, whatever their role in your team or organisation.
  7. Give hope, hope to grow professionally or personally.
  8. It’s no secret that teams drive the business and that teamwork creates the success. In this view, sharing information is crucial.
  9. Share successes. People follow successful people and success breeds success.
  10. Individuals want to learn and are looking for new and different ways to develop. Technology, such as e-learning, can be a great tool to support your team members in their quest towards self-development. 

Finally – and here is one that I personally need to be able to perform well – be proactive. The better you are prepared for what might come and for the issues you may have to face, the more people will believe in you and accept your suggestions. 

These are a few tips that I believe are timeless for some – or, for others, adapted to the changes and challenges of today. 

If you have any comments or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them!


Frank Vande Voorde

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