What is a good Recruitment Consultant?

  • 3 Min leestijd
How hard can it be to find a good Recruitment Consultant?

Apparently it is very difficult. Although I have been working for almost eight years in the recruitment sector, I still find it very hard to find a good (or very good) Recruitment Consultant. Why is that? Are we too demanding? Are we searching for the impossible fit?

To me, it was pretty easy to know that I wanted to become a Consultant in recruitment after first experiences as an Assistant before. How did I find out? Well, I knew I wanted to work in a commercial role, but not just selling peanuts. It had to have an added value. I also wanted to find an environment in which I could be creative, do my own thing and learn the job at the same time. 
As I had been an Assistant myself, I thought the best place to go to, would be a specialist in the recruitment of administrative profiles.

So, there I was: sending out my CV, determined to be hired as a Recruitment Consultant. Unfortunately, during my first interview, the Consultant I met told me I did not have what it takes as I did not have enough commercial experience. I disagreed as I had worked in sales jobs as a student since I was fifteen years old and I also worked as an Insurance Agent in my spare time and was trained on hard selling. It is this hard selling part that I did not like: it felt as though I was not following my values, but just trying to force a product on to someone. So, in the end, I was not hired as a Consultant but as a Project Assistant. Luckily for me, I was sent to a recruitment agency for my first project. This was my chance: prove them all wrong and show them what I was made of! It turned out to be a great success: I managed to secure the job of Recruitment Consultant and gained all the experience I needed for the job: the recruitment skills, the administrative skills and the commercial skills.

When I was contacted by Rainbow, I did not need much time to think about making the move from one company to the other. I could feel that the people were genuine, authentic and true to their values. That was all I needed for the next step in my career.

So, why is it that, today, I cannot find a matching profile to join my team? Are trilingual candidates with strong values, ethics and a commercial flair that rare? Maybe it is just because they don’t know Rainbow? I really don’t know. What I can tell about Rainbow as a company is that we are value-driven, passionate and honest people. We put the interest of a candidate, or a client, before our own. We strive to provide the best possible service, by staying true to ourselves. We help each other out internally, we laugh, work hard and celebrate successes. And that, to me, is all I need to just love my job, be committed and focus on the future.

Are you also this kind of person? Maybe we should meet up and have a chat? You can reach me by phone: 02/738 74 28 or by e-mail: priscilla@rainbowgroup.be

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